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by zydecopaws on December 19, 2011

Another month, another ridiculous combination of ingredients for the 4-ingredient Challenge. Worse yet, I’m the one that chose them, and among other things, included an ingredient that I don’t really care for. Or didn’t before today…

The ingredients this month were Pork Tenderloin, Oatmeal, Brussels Sprouts, and Kiwifruit. And in case you were wondering (and even if you weren’t) brussels sprouts aren’t exactly one of my favorite vegetables, and bring back unpleasant memories from a previous life.

So the real challenge was turning them into something edible. Yesterday I wrapped them in bacon, dusted them with rub, and slathered them with BBQ sauce. People (myself included) actually liked them. For this challenge, they were chopped into quarters, mixed with a sliced sweet white onion, bacon (pre-cooked and crumbled), and water chestnuts, then drizzled with EVOO and balsamic vinegar and roasted on the BS Keg (uncovered) for about an hour and a half until fully caramelized.

IMG 1721

Pork tenderloins were butterflied and stuffed with a mixture of goat cheese, diced bell peppers, kiwifruit, and chopped fresh sage. From there it was a quick trip through the egg wash and a roll in a mixture of panko and oatmeal. The stuffed tenderloins went on the grill until they reach 160°F internally.

IMG 1724

After a brief rest, the tenderloins were carved into medallions and served over the roasted brussels sprouts. I’m pleased to say this was not only edible, but gathered great praise from all diners, including one that shared similar bad experiences with them in the past.

IMG 1731

All in all, this wasn’t a bad meal in spite of the challenging set of ingredients. If I had to do it over I’d add more spices to the pork, probably in the form of some sort of rub either incorporated with the breading or possibly before stuffing. As for the brussels sprouts, we’ll likely add them to the approved list of vegetables in the future.

About this month’s “On Our Grills” 4 Ingredient Challenge Bloggers

This month it appears I “won” the challenge since everyone else was too busy to participate. However, I will take my “win” gracefully, wish them all a happy holiday season (regardless of what they might or might not celebrate), and ask that you stop by their blogs and see what they’ve been up to lately. I know for a fact that some of them have posted some meals lately that I am itching to put my own spin on.

The BBQ Grail
The BBQ Grail website was created in 2007, initially to document the author’s quest to find the perfect backyard BBQ experience. Since that time The BBQ Grail has become one of the more popular BBQ blogs on the internet and is listed on Alltop.com as one of the top BBQ blogs.

The Dutchess Cooks
After years of cooking, grilling, baking and reading other people’s blogs, she thought “why not start my own blog?” And she did, in 2010, but after a short period of time a blog wasn’t enough and the she started her own website. In her own words: “It’s not my goal to publish or come up with fancy and difficult recipes: just good and delicious food with an international twist! Straight from my plate to yours!”

Grill Adventures by Broadcast Marc
Grill Adventures by broadcastmarc was started in March of 2010. According to the author, he started the BBQ thing when he was 30, before that they ate a lot outside and had fun, but when kids came into their life they started serious cooking. Most of it is really healthy. The grill has a special place in his heart because they love to do things outside. Everything he makes is an adventure, and sometimes they use the books. They try to grill as much as they can year round.

Nibble Me This
Nibble Me This is Chris Grove’s blog about his misadventures in live fire cooking. ”I have no culinary training….I’m just entertaining myself with fire and food”.

Grill Girl – Adventures of a Girl on the Grill
Robyn Medlin is the “grill girl” behind grillgrrrl.com. Her focus is on healthy, simple and creative recipes on the grill. She encourages women to learn to grill as it a great way to create healthy, flavorful dishes without all the fuss and clean up in the kitchen. This “grill girl” holds quarterly “Women’s Grilling Clinics” as a way to encourage women to not be intimated by the grill. As a McCormick’s flavor correspondent for their “This Week in Grilling Campaign”, Robyn shares fun, tropical video recipes documenting her grilling adventures from her backyard in Sunny, Hollywood, Florida.

Bob’s Brew and ‘Que
Bob started Bob’s Brew and ‘Que in August of 2009 with the intent of sharing his views on food and drink. Originally focused on BBQ and Homebrew, it was inevitable that the influences of his upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area and it’s wealth of ingredients as well as his heritage as an American of Japanese ancestry would help focus his blog, as it has his approach to food and drink.

Cooking, by the seat of my Pants!
Cooking by the seat of my Pants began life as a way to document Jerry Russell’s culinary misadventures. Since then it has become his way to encourage people to cook without boundaries or recipes. To just get in the kitchen and cook something from the heart.

Jason’s BBQ Adventures
Jason’s BBQ Adventures was started in 2007 when Jason fell in love with real BBQ the first time and tried to smoked a pork shoulder and soon after started smoking ribs, brisket, and chicken. After a while he started to experiment with grilling and smoking just about anything and ultimately fell in love with the entire cooking process.

Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s
Wilfred is somewhat of a newcomer to the BBQ scene having only done standard grilling for most of his 50 years, He found and became passionate about Low & Slow about 2 years ago. and that passion also morphed into a second hobby which is writing. Oshawa Ogre’s Views News & BBQ’s has been a project that has taken on a life of it’s own and blessed him with many many new friends in the BBQ community on Twitter, facebook and through the blog.

Better Recipes “The Daily Dish”
Kristina has been writing “The Daily Dish” for www.BetterRecipes.com for the past two years. The blog covers a wide variety of recipes, but firing up the grill truly lights up her passion for food! She was named “America’s Next Pork Personality” by Guy Fieri for one of her grilled pork dishes, won the outdoor grilling division of the National Beef Cook-Off, and her winning grilled lamb-burger took her all the way to the land Down Under with Meat and Livestock Australia. The “4-Ingredient Challenge” is a fun and exciting way to get creative on the grill!

Livefire cooking is about taking ordinary cooking and adding the flavor of fire to it, whether in high heat grilling, low heat smoking or indirect heat for baking. It’s about taking the primitive element of fire and harnessing it to make great food.

Freeks Foodblog
Maybe some of you know him from his Dutch blogsite www.freeksbbq.nl. He has a great passion for grilling, since it is always challenging. For him grilling is a time to relax and to have a great time with friends and family. He wanted to reach more people with his blog since there are so many food lovers and freaks out there! So that’s why he decided to blog in English instead of Dutch.

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