Good Gravy

by zydecopaws on January 14, 2012

I suppose that phrase could be used to describe the playoff games today (each for different reasons), but in this case it is being used in the literal sense. A chuck roast was cooked on Bubba Ho-Keg in a dutch oven today, and the resulting gravy was the hit of the meal.

IMG 0264

The chuckie was originally going to be given the “smoke first, then finish in the pot” treatment, but at the last minute the hail, snow, and wind convinced me that I was more interested in watching football on TV than worrying about temperature control. So in the pot it went over a bed of sliced onions and was then splashed with a bit of Worcestershire and soy sauces, about a half-cup of water, and a liberal coating of Simply Marvelous Season All. On went the lid, on over the fire it went with some large russet taters to keep it company. A couple of hours later the taters were removed, the innards turned into mashed potatoes, and then spooned back into the skins for twice-baked taters. On went a foil pouch with some seasoned green beans, and dinner was almost ready.

IMG 0268

After all this time simmering away in the pot with the meat juices the onions had pretty much turned to mush and the flavor was well-incorporated with the rest of the juices. A bit of flour and water were added to thicken, and dinner was served.

The pot roast was actually very good, as were the potatoes, but all I heard was ravings about how good the gravy was. I guess this means there is a new standard to live up to next time pot roast is on the menu…

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