Not Ribs

by zydecopaws on January 22, 2012

Today we celebrated Oldest Daughter’s birthday. By cooking. A day late. When asked what she want for her meal, her first response was “Not ribs”. Seems she has been indulging in inferior ribs recently, and wanted something different. While eliminating suggestions for what she didn’t want, the subject of side dishes came up and suddenly potato salad was on the menu. Followed by smoke beans. Followed by these. Don’t confuse them with ribs…


These “not ribs” were rubbed with some No Excuses BBQ rib rub (recipe here), left to smoke on the WSM for just over 2 hours, then foiled for another 2 hours. Somewhere during the foil process, the beans went on the bottom grill of the WSM, and when it came time to remove the foil all the drippings went directly into the beans. The ribs were sauced with Big Butz Cranberry, then left on the grill for another 30 minutes. The result was a plate of goodness that looked surprisingly like ribs, tater salad, and smoke beans.


As for Oldest Daughter, I’m guessing she won’t be eating inferior ribs again anytime soon, especially if she can figure out a way to get me to cook more of these.

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