Good Intentions

by zydecopaws on January 28, 2012

Pork butts were on the WSM today with the intention of reviewing a bottle of Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce that the folks at Pigtail Brands were nice enough to send me before the holidays. Butts were prepared using my normal method, and after about 8 hours on the WSM were ready to come off and rest in a cooler for awhile.

IMG 1809

After about a half hour, the butts were pulled and ready for sandwiches. It took a bit longer to pull them today; I wish someone could tell me where my pulling gloves got off to. I suspect they are at Pigdog’s lake house, as I seem to remember hauling some butts over there in August while still intact. No worries though; after some time with the bear claws and a quick finish with nitrile gloves, we were ready for sandwich assembly.

IMG 1812

As you can see from the picture above, the meat already was very moist and well covered with flavorings from the bark. Here’s where the review process went horribly wrong. Although I applied a liberal amount of the Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ sauce to each sandwich, it was difficult to tell where my normal seasonings left off and the Big Ed’s picked up.

IMG 1815

A closer examination of the ingredient list and quick perusal of the literature they included with the sauce very quickly revealed that the vinegar-based sauce contains many of the same ingredients in the sop mix used in my normal recipe for pulled pork. Add to that the slaw had a vinegar-based dressing on it, and it sort of ruined my plans for an objective review of the sauce.

Having said that, dinner was excellent. And there is a recipe for chicken with Big Ed’s that was included with the reading material. I should probably read that closely before attempting to review this again.

Who knows, I might even follow the recipe…

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