And the Winner Is…

by zydecopaws on February 6, 2012

Everyone who got to eat at Pigdog’s house yesterday during the Super Bowl. My contribution was MOINK and chicken wings.

IMG 1838

And I would be remiss if I didn’t include a picture of a creation my wife is calling a MOINKroissandwich. She was going to call it a MOINKroissant, but was concerned about it sounding too much like the software company north of us.

IMG 1837

The MOINK and half the wings were covered with a mild version of Asian NoBob sauce. I used less than half the amount of Srirachi sauce the normal recipe calls for, and I think I neglected to add honey. No matter though, they were good, had enough of a kick for normal humans to complain about them being too hot, and I used Big Butz Cranberry BBQ sauce on the rest of the wings for those with tender taste buds.

Of course, I neglected to mention to them that I used some homemade rib rub on both the wings and the MOINK; maybe that would explain why I heard a couple of the wimpier guests complaining about the heat.

Didn’t stop others from eating them, as the only thing left to take home afterwards was a couple of empty foil pans…

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