Bowling for BBQ

by zydecopaws on February 17, 2012

Youngest Daughter was part of the Battle Ground High School Girl’s Bowling team that won the Washington State championship a couple of weeks ago, and Wednesday night they had their awards banquet. It was a potluck, and it seemed only appropriate to cook way more meat than any group that size could eat at one meal. Pulled pork was originally on the menu, but concerns about toning down the spice mix to accommodate sensitive palates led me to cooking Chuckie’s big brother instead.

IMG 1854

That is a 22.5″ WSM that monster is sitting on. It was an enormous chuck roll purchased at the local Cash & Carry, sprinkled with Simply Marvelous Season All, granulated garlic, salt, and pepper. It sat on the WSM at 250°F for several hours (around 6) until the internal temperature was above 155°F at the thickest point, then put in a roasting pan with a cup or so of beef broth with a dash of Worcestershire and soy sauce, then covered with foil and put back on the grill until it met the brisket test. The one where you know it is done when the temperature probe goes in like you are sticking it in butter.

About 30 minutes before leaving for the event, the meat was pulled, put into a crockpot for warming purposes, and mixed with some of the juices recovered from the roasting pan and about 1/3 jar of Big Butz Extra Hot BBQ sauce. Once at the event, slider buns made an appearance and final assembly looked something like this:

IMG 1861

The beef was a hit even though some folks weren’t sure what it was and had to ask; I guess those who don’t get pulled pork all that often can’t always tell the difference when presented with something that looks similar.

And congratulations to the BGHS Bowling team on winning the State tournament. Of course, next year the bar will be raised as they will no longer be the underdog…

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