Guess who wasn’t home tonight

by zydecopaws on March 9, 2012

SWMBO is out of town for a few days, and that meant that left the heathen (me) in charge of dinner. And since I don’t adhere to that “fish on Fridays during Lent” thing unless the head Catholic is being fed, this is what went on the BS Keg:

IMG 1893

This particular batch of chili took advantage of the last of the leftovers from that monster beef roast. The usual onions, peppers, and canned tomatoes were in the pot, along with a fair amount of cumin, cayenne, and red chili pepper. Somehow I managed to leave out the garlic (an oversight on my part). Notice also the lack of beans, mainly because it was intended to be served like this:

IMG 1895

Look close, you can almost see one of those huge taters under all that other goodness. And for dessert, I had a bowl of this:

IMG 1901

Making chili with leftover smoked beef absolutely makes it special (even if you forget the garlic). The smokey flavor really adds something that you just can’t get out of a can.

And speaking of the can, I would imagine I’ll be spending a bit of time there later tonight after eating all that food…

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