More Saints and Sinners

by zydecopaws on March 23, 2012

Another Friday in Lent, and another opportunity to please both the observant and the heathens in one fell swoop. Or is that swell foop? Either way, enchiladas were on the menu; shrimp for the righteous, and pulled pork for those unconcerned with what happens later (and one that doesn’t like shrimp).

IMG 1923

These were actual individually rolled enchiladas, and not enchilasagna like I normally make. Those in the top pan were filled with shrimp, cheddar cheese, adobo chili, olives, and green onions, then topped with a salsa verde from a Trader Joe’s bottle and shredded “Mexi-cheese” (cheddar, jack, and queso quesadilla, and asadero cheese blend from Costco). The bottom container was pretty much the same with the exception of pulled pork and red enchilada sauce from the can (you can guess the brand, it’s in every supermarket I’ve ever been in) instead of the shrimp and salsa verde.

IMG 1927

Total cooking time was just under 30 minutes on the BS Keg running at 325°F, and they probably could have been pulled at the 25 minute mark. I was concerned about under-cooking the shrimp and unfortunately over-cooked it by just a tad.

That didn’t stop SWMBO from declaring this meal a “do-over”. And before you ask, it was because she liked it, not because I over-cooked the shrimp…

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