These guys can eat!

by zydecopaws on March 27, 2012

It’s a good thing we can cook. Tonight we fed these guys.

IMG 1943

We cooked a few babyback ribs on the WSM.

IMG 1938

For added variety, we also made some beans and chicken thighs on the Mothership.

IMG 1939

And just so no one would go hungry, chicken wings were on the BS Keg, and cabbage slaw was in the house. And for good measure, Pigdog made a huge batch of tater salad. Gotta have sides. No good pictures exist of these items, but I will offer up one taken of the buffet table about halfway through the meal.

IMG 0323

Judging from the looks on some of the faces, a good time (and dinner) was had by all.

IMG 0322

They said it was all real good, and I believe them. Especially since this was all I got to take home.

IMG 0324

Oh, and here’s the rundown for those of you that just have to know how things were fixed. Ribs were dusted with homemade rib rub and Simply Marvelous Cherry, smoked for about 3 hours in the WSM, then foiled for about 2 hours. The foil was removed, most of the juice went in the beans, and some of the juice was mixed with a combination of Big Butz Cranberry (time to reorder) and Big Butz No Butz. The ribs were stacked as you see them in the picture above and left on the WSM for another hour.

The beans were pretty standard, although there were a lot more than normal and they had the juice added rather than dripped in due to space considerations on the WSM. The chicken thighs were simply rubbed with Big Butz Chicken Dust and cooked indirectly on the Mothership for about 90 minutes. The cabbage slaw was traditional recipe, and the wings were cooked indirect on the BS Keg until almost done, removed and bathed in NoBob sauce, then returned to the grill over direct flame for about 10 minutes. If you want Pigdog to share his potato salad recipe, beg for him to do it in the comments and see if he’s willing to share.

As for why we did this, it was a case of the right thing to do (not to mention a lot of fun). A few months ago we had some torrential rains, and due to some drainage issues with a church parking lot a set of Pigdog’s duplexes were in danger of being flooded. The firemen we fed tonight were out in force for several hours (most of one night) pumping water out of the flooded area and greatly limiting the damage to Pigdog’s property. He wanted to thank them for all the work they did, and since I am now the proud owner of that particular property figured I should get some advance goodwill in with them in case we ever have the problem again. We believe the issue has been corrected, but as long as the church parking lot drains the direction it does, there is always the chance we might have to do this again at some point in the future.

Having said that, I’d do this again just for the fun of it. Even though it was a lot of work, it’s nice to be able to give back to those who make a career of saving others’ property and lives, sometimes at the risk of their own. Maybe next time we’ll invite these guys over too…

IMG 1944

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