Carnivore Rights – Redux

by zydecopaws on April 7, 2012

What follows below was originally posted back a couple of years ago. The linked video source was removed from YouTube due to copyright complaints and since the original post was wreaking havoc with my site due to some other hidden redirect issues I ended up having to delete the entire post. Here is the original post once again with an updated link to a working video from the British comedy team of Mitchell and Webb. Let the fun begin…

Carnivore Rights

As a meat-eater and obsessed barbecuer (and I’m going to assume most of the folks visiting this site fall in that category), I find myself on occasion stretching my culinary grill skills to satisfy the infrequent vegetarian that shows up to eat at an event where I am cooking. It always seems like those folks assume that special menu requests are in order so that they aren’t stuck eating sides and appetizers.

As anyone who has hung around this site for any length of time probably knows, not even the veggies we cook are free from animal product contamination. In other words, we like to add bacon to, well, just about everything at one time or another. Sometimes we even wrap meat around fruit to improve the flavor. And we use cheese liberally, which seems to upset certain categories of vegetarians.

We got to thinking about the sense of entitlement that these folks seem to exhibit, and then came across this video:

Maybe it is about time we returned the favor when eating at their functions. But then again, how often does that really happen?

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