Gettin’ Roasted

by zydecopaws on April 11, 2012

I recently made some updates to the web site and as a result the comment spam has been a bit ridiculous the past few days. Using a post title like this is not likely to reduce the volume much. However, I recently made a large purchase of sauce from Big Butz BBQ and Tom was nice enough to throw in a couple of sample packets of his soon-to-be-released (and newest) rub. You can guess the name…

IMG 1948

As one of Tom’s favorite victims mad scientists product independent reviewers, he has given me free reign to use (and abuse) his products on any dish and in any combination that my twisted mind can come up with. And then write about them. Sometimes we question his sanity.

But we typically don’t question the quality of his products (especially his sauces; notice the size of the bottles we buy these days). The ham originally planned for tonight is being postponed until Friday, so tonight was perfect for sampling some of his latest offering. In an effort to judge the seasoning mix by itself, pork tenderloins were given a fair dusting of the mix and put on the BS Keg to cook.

IMG 1953

The finished result was pretty tasty, although I probably could have sprinkled on a bit more (when salt is the first ingredient in a rub mix, I generally err on the side of not enough, rather than too much). The flavor profile went well with the pork, although in the future I think I would use it on chops rather than a large cut so as to get more of it in every bite.

IMG 1958

Oh, and that pile of black stuff on the plate was some black rice that SWMBO scored at the local Costlyco. It tasted a lot like brown rice, and we decided that it wasn’t worth paying the premium for (unless you’re going for the shock value on your guests). Looking back, I wish I had added some of the Gettin’ Roasted to the rice at the table; I imagine that would have given it some flavor.

I plan on using the Gettin’ Roasted on some other meats over the next week or so. Originally I didn’t think it would work on fish, but now that I’ve had a chance to cook with it I may have a change of heart, as it isn’t nearly as intensely flavored as I thought it would be when I first opened the package. For a first impression I would give it a thumb’s up, and am looking forward to using it again. My belief is that it will be very good on a chuck roast; unfortunately I don’t have any plans for one of those in the near future.

But I suppose I could change those plans…

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