Chorizo Melts

by zydecopaws on April 12, 2012

What, you might ask, is a Chorizo Melt? In this case, it was a patty melt experiment gone horribly wrong, with unexpectedly happy results.

Tonight’s ingredients included a pound of ground meat, a 10 oz. chub o’ chorizo, green onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, the remainder of a goat cheese package that needed to be removed from the refrigerator, and some cheddar cheese slices that were getting a little long in the tooth. Oh, and some more of the Big Butz Gettin’ Roasted Season All we reviewed last night. And some garlic sourdough bread blackened on the edges by a grill that needs cleaning.

IMG 1965

As you can see from the picture above, the burger patties didn’t hold together very well on the grill. Next time I try this I’ll go the meatloaf route, add some binding ingredients (like breadcrumbs and an egg), cook it slower and longer, then let it cool before slicing and assembling into sandwiches. That way I don’t end up with something that looks like this.

IMG 1967

In spite of the appearance, the family gulped these down in a hurry and declared them a “do again”. I have to be honest and say I’m not sure how much of the flavor was due to the Season All as the chorizo seemed to be the predominant flavor that came through in the finished product. Back to the drawing board to see what else I can do with this stuff.

Sometimes experiments don’t work out like you think they will, and around here we eat our mistakes. On a good day, they are still edible. On a real good day, they are downright tasty.

Today was a real good day.

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