Easter Dinner came late this year

by zydecopaws on April 13, 2012

We were traveling on Easter this year and didn’t have our traditional dinner. Until tonight. A ham glazed with molasses, mustard, ground cloves, brown sugar, and maple syrup made its way to the WSM along with some sweet potatoes. And a pot of smoker beans underneath…

IMG 1969

Oldest Daughter was able to join us, although her SO wasn’t able to. Something about working nights, bleary eyes, and eating dinner at what amounted to 3 am. Even though it was 6 pm for the rest of us. I think she paid him back for not showing by sending him pictures of the meal.

IMG 1975

That green stuff on the plate is broccoli, for those carnivores out there that can’t tell vegetables apart. At no time did it ever touch the grill. And that stuff on the ham is a pineapple-raisin sauce that had some rum snuck in when no one was looking.

Even the Easter Bunny would have approved of this meal…

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