Coping Skills

by zydecopaws on April 19, 2012

Today was typical for April in Washington State. For those not familiar with the Pacific NorthWet, it looked something like this all day.

IMG 0372

Actually, that was a picture of the dry spell right before dinner. Which was a fatty, prepared at Pigdog’s request. Well, at least that’s what I assume he had in mind when he left the sausage chub in the refrigerator yesterday. I’d show you the picture of it on the grill, but it wasn’t pretty. The picture, that is; the fatty was very nice.

IMG 0374

Served up with the leftover cheesy taters from yesterday, some spiced up corn, and the rest of the salad from yesterday helped us ignore all the wet stuff outside.

And the roof over Bubba Ho-Keg doesn’t hurt either…

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