Good Beans

by zydecopaws on April 24, 2012

Tonight we cooked up some hake for the first time. Since it was supposed to be like cod or halibut, I went ahead and treated it that way without bothering to reference any recipes online. Some sliced onions went in the bottom of the grill basket, got a sprinkling of fresh basil, and the fish went on top with a covering of fresh basil, salt, pepper, and lemon slices. It was cooked on the BS Keg for about 25 minutes at 325°F until it looked like this.

IMG 1988

There were some beans cooking in a pot above the fish; as Younger Daughter pointed out, fish drippings in the beans just don’t sound right. This particular batch was a mixture of pinto and black beans with chopped onions, mini bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and just a dash of No Butz sauce from Big Butz BBQ.

IMG 1991

The fish was ok, but would have been a lot better with a sauce of some sort. And sautéed onions rather than grilled. In fact, it would have been very tasty with a lemon-sautéed onion sauce. Basil optional. Capers perhaps, but then I might be accused of catering to SWMBO. But only if I left out the onions.

As for the beans, they were really good and will likely show up on the plate more often in the future.

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