Afterburner Chicken

by zydecopaws on May 9, 2012

The mothership was fired and loaded with chicken wings and taters last night. About 10 pounds of chicken wings; so much so that what started out as two baskets of trashbag taters had to be combined into a very large basket to make room on the grill…

IMG 2027

The wings were dusted with some homemade rib rub (it’s not just for ribs anymore), cooked indirect on the grill until almost done, then basted with a mixture of Big Butz No Butz sauce and melted butter and left to cook until it was time to run off to a special meeting of a board I serve on. Or in this case, serve to.

No pictures exist of the buffet table, or my plate from dinner. But I guarantee that these wings would light up your taste buds, but not until after you finished eating one. For all I know, there may be other afterburner effects as well…

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