Upscale Beanie-Weenies

by zydecopaws on May 12, 2012

After a week of pressure-washing, yard maintenance, and all the corresponding aches and pains that go with them, I was ready for some comfort food. Especially after driving for 3 hours in traffic behind slow drivers dazed by the sun (these are the same people that speed up when it’s pouring down rain) with a non-working iPod and no decent radio stations for company.

So out came the onions and peppers, the habanero-mango chicken sausages, a couple of cans of beans, and that cast iron skillet I used last week on the chorizo-chicken wraps.

IMG 2028

The peppers and onions went in first, followed shortly after by the sliced sausages. Once they were nicely heated (about 10-15 minutes), in went a couple of cans of white northern beans mixed with a couple of tablespoons of molasses, SBR’s BBQ sauce, and some Chipotle Tasbasco. Another 5 minutes and it was time to eat.

IMG 2033

These aren’t your mother’s beanie-weanies, but my wife approved of them and she’s a mother. I know this, because I had to beat her children off with a stick so there would be some of this left for her when she got home…

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