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by zydecopaws on May 13, 2012

It’s Mothers’ Day and SWMBO picked the menu. Or at least approved of it, as she wanted Trashbag Taters and I was able to talk her out of it by offering up some fresh jicama slaw instead. On the menu was Teriyaki Strips (with the addition of some fresh-grated ginger), grilled Cajun shrimp, mushrooms in foil, balsamic carrots, and the aforementioned jicama slaw.

IMG 2039

The meal was well-received; as the commercial says “mom-tested, mother-approved”. The only issue I have with this meal is the clean-up afterward. Teriyaki strips by themselves make a huge mess of the grill, and this wasn’t helped by the accidental puncture of the foil packet the mushrooms were cooked in.

IMG 2035

Looks like I might need to get the pressure washer back out and use it on the BS Keg…

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