Breaking the Rules… Again

by zydecopaws on May 14, 2012

Chicken satay is supposed to be on skewers. And I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be using something called “Pig Pollen” as a base spice for it, either. At least half were flavored in a (more-or-less) traditional manner…

IMG 2041

And yes, that grill was very clean before I started. Looks like I get to do that over again soon. The more-or-less traditional satay were those in the back. I didn’t have enough spice mix to cover all of the chicken, so I reached in the cupboard and pulled out some Big Butz Pig Pollen. Some that had been hanging around since the test-batch days. It still smelled ok, so on the chicken it went. Once done, the chicken ended up on a plate with more jicama salad and some green bush-looking things.

IMG 2050

The jicama salad was made properly with fresh pineapple and without all the extra stuff I had to add yesterday for flavor. The acidity of the pineapple combined with the sesame-ginger dressing provides plenty of bite and sweetness all on its own.

We won’t mention that the recipe calls for green bell peppers and not red ones…

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