Oops, I did it again

by zydecopaws on May 16, 2012

No, we aren’t talking about Britney Spears here. Or even asparagus spears. SWMBO demanded a repeat of the beanie-weenies from the other night, and who am I to ignore her? In fact, I even went so far as to make a double batch in the Dutch oven.

IMG 2055

Other than doubling the ingredients, the only difference between this batch and the previous one was to sneak in some Big Butz No Butz sauce instead of the SBR. Hey, it was what was open, and we have a lot of it on hand. Not only that, it spiced the beanie-weenies up even more. And we like that.

The other difference from the other night was the addition of some nice grilled pineapple, made true to the recipe.

IMG 2058

As much as I don’t like to repeat myself this soon after cooking something, tonight’s meal was very satisfying. And easy. Important after a hard day of mowing the swamp. And Diablo III. Mustn’t forget that.

Have I mentioned recently that it’s a real bitch to be gainfully unemployed? 😉

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