Sheer Laziness

by zydecopaws on May 26, 2012

It’s sort of become a Memorial Day weekend tradition around here to pull out one of the WSMs and cook either ribs or pulled pork. Today it was babyback ribs, although I didn’t put a lot of work into them or the sides, for that matter. I also didn’t take many pictures, and only one of them is even close to being worthy of seeing the light of day.

IMG 0381

I was pretty lazy today (although I did get some yard work done) and sprinkled the ribs with Simply Marvelous Cherry, slapped them on the WSM at 225°F, foiled them after a couple of hours with a bit of sparkling apple-marionberry cider, then sauced them with some Big Butz No Butz sauce after removing the foil and letting all the drippings fall in the beans. The slaw was a store-bought slaw mix with some leftover mustard-based Big Butz Carolina Magic sauce.

In spite of overcooking the ribs a bit, they still turned out pretty good. Pigdog was over approved of them if the number of bones left on his plate by the end of the meal was any indication…

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