One Pastrami, Two Pastrami

by zydecopaws on June 8, 2012

Actually, it was three pastrami on the WSM.

IMG 2129

That picture was taken right before they were wrapped in foil and put back on the WSM for about another 3 hours. Once they passed the brisket test (probe goes in like butter) they came off the grill and spent about 30 minutes resting in a cooler before it was time for slicing.

IMG 2133

This batch was so good I found myself thinking about eating that cutting board so that I could get all the little bits off. But instead I restrained myself (mostly) and had a modified Reuben sandwich. Modified in the sense that I used a real good stone-ground stout mustard instead of Thousand Island dressing, and garlic sourdough instead of rye bread.

IMG 2135

I’ll post the instructions for this in the recipe section in the next day or so here. I’ve modified it somewhat from the original Thirdeye Recipe, enough so that I figure I better record what I did so I can do it again in the future.

After all, that’s part of the reason why I started this blog in the first place…

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