Meatless Monday? I think not…

by zydecopaws on June 25, 2012

Saturday we attended a graduation party for a close friend who has been banging away at her degree for the past several years while working full time. I was asked to cook the main course, which in this case was pulled pork.

IMG 2166

I had to mellow out my normal recipe a bit as I knew there would be members of the legal profession in attendance, and that not everyone has the tolerance for heat that we do. The last thing I want right now is to spend time in court being sued for assaulting tender palates with highly spiced pork butts.

So to keep myself out of trouble (and court) I doubled the recipe (there are two more large butts on the grill under those seen above) while halving the amount of cayenne pepper and adding in a fair amount of Big Butz Pig Pollen. The sop mix stayed true to the original, and the results warrant another picture of the finished product (before pulling).

IMG 2169

Now I know not everyone will appreciate what looks like a big black lump of meat, but I didn’t take any pictures of the finished product (post pulling), so you’ll have to trust me that it was moist, tender, and disappeared quickly. Pigdog was there and can attest to this; if I hadn’t chased him away while I was pulling the meat it would have disappeared before any of the other guests would have had a chance at it.

As it was, the two butts on the top went to the party and fed around 30 people and left enough that LizBob will have leftovers for dinner this week. The two on the bottom were wrapped in foil, left safely at home in a cooler while we attended the party, and then converted into a batch of pulled and another of chopped pork happily stashed away in our freezer awaiting use in pizza, enchilasagna, spring rolls, and other meals made from smoked meat leftovers.

Now we’ll just have to see if the bag in the refrigerator survives past lunchtime…

Disclaimer: I paid full price for the pork and all the other spices used in the cooking of said meat. If the FTC would like to visit, I’ll cook them up a batch made to our specifications and send them packing with sweaty foreheads and begging for ice cream to put out the fire. I will also charge them for this pleasure, and disclose it should it come to pass. Let it never be said I was trying to buy off the FTC. They can buy their spice mixes and sauces from Big Butz BBQ at full price, same as I do…

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