Something’s Fishy Here

by zydecopaws on June 28, 2012

Most likely it’s what I cooked for dinner. Once again, the grill pictures weren’t suitable for publication, so here is the finished product.

IMG 2187

The fish was hake sprinkled with Big Dick’s Dry Rub then topped with a yogurt-mustard-onion-dill pickle sauce. Sort of like a tarter sauce, but with no mayo in sight. The taters were a riff on trashbags, but with red potatoes, onions, black pepper instead of lemon pepper, and Italian seasoning instead of oregano.

And those veggies you see in the background never went near the grill. Although I was tempted…

Disclaimer: I paid full price for the Big Dick’s Dry Rub. And that statement might be the fishiest part of this post.

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