The BBQ that wasn’t

by zydecopaws on July 5, 2012

We were invited to a BBQ/Potluck at a member of Pigdog’s clan for our annual Independence Day celebration. The instructions in the invitation began as follows…

For the BBQ/Potluck:

  • Bring meat, chicken or whatever you want to BBQ for your family (or sandwiches, fried chicken – whatever you want as your “main course”)
  • We’ll potluck the rest of the food:

… Followed by other information regarding sides, salads, plates, etc. Now this clearly implies that grilling (because I don’t expect normal folks to understand the differences between low-and-slow, indirect, and grilling) should be happening. The assumption follows that if this is going to occur, that a grill of some sort (charcoal, gasser, or even a George Foreman electric) will be in attendance at said event.

Um, no. Bad assumption. I get a call on Sunday saying that there are problems with the local gas grill. I assume it was a gasser, because I’ve never heard of a burner being out on either a charcoal or George Foreman grill. So bring something that is already cooked for your main course.

Now I have a fundamental issue with not having BBQ (meat that is grilled, smoked, indirect, cooked outdoors over a fire) on the 4th of July. It’s un-American. The first step on the slippery slope to the downfall of society as we know it. So I made some of these.

IMG 2188

That’s right, good old all-American pork babyback ribs. With a basic rub, and cooked for about 3 hours at 225°F on the WSM. Then foiled and back on the grill for another hour. Then unwrapped, slathered with Big Butz Original, and left to finish on the grill for another 30 minutes. The results?

IMG 2193

I want to point out that the big bright thing in the sky made an appearance yesterday (without clouds) and that blackened corner was actually in the shade for the picture, not burnt to an even crisp. The ribs were carved and toted off to the Not-BBQ-but-Potluck, and a few lucky individuals besides my immediate family were able to snag a rib or two. Pigdog got one, and liked it so much he insisted I take some of his pork chops home (had one for breakfast, and I have to admit, he can actually cook).

So this is how you turn Not-BBQs (the event, not the food) into something that resembles one. And as near as I can tell, a good time was had by all, no one got hurt, and the rest of the potluck was pretty good. Thanks to Kevin and Alicia for opening up their house and letting us trash their street with fireworks.

Disclaimer: I made my own rub, and you can too. Just follow the recipe. The FTC probably won’t visit you if you do. As for the Big Butz stuff, I pay full price. Even though I know that I could have scored some goodies if I’d been in Wisconsin yesterday following the SauceMobile around in the parade.

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