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by zydecopaws on July 7, 2012

Usually we reserve specific menu requests from individuals for special occasions. Last night, Oldest Daughter was quick to point out that the only time I cook the old favorites anymore is when someone’s birthday rolls around. Not even major holidays are safe anymore from tinkering, jiggering, or out-and-out experimentation. And although last night wasn’t anyone’s birthday (at least those that were in attendance for dinner), it was a special occasion as Pigdog’s father was in town.

We don’t get to see him very often and he’s getting up in years, so we make a special attempt to cook something he picks when he’s in town. And as the person who gave Trashbag Potatoes their name, it was only fitting that they were on the Mothership last night at his request. Along with a Santa Maria tri-tip and original recipe Teriyaki strips cooked with the new bulgogi method.

IMG 2203

Now some of you may be wondering about the mess on the sides of the grill. This is what happens when you grill meat soaked in a marinade with a high sugar content. I guarantee that grill was clean when I started, and will be again later today before I stow it away again. As for the rest of the meal, we served up some jicama slaw and fruit salad, if for no other reason than they make a great complement to the meat selection. Pigdog brought along a green salad as well (in case someone wanted some), but there wasn’t room on my plate for any.

IMG 2206

As near as I can tell, no one walked away from the table hungry and everyone enjoyed the feast. Especially Pigdog’s dad, and that is the important thing.

Disclaimer: Not required for this post. FTC please take note that no brand names were mentioned in the creation of this post. Other than the salad that Pigdog provided, I paid full price for everything. Except for those things that were on sale.

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