Miscellaneous Monday

by zydecopaws on July 16, 2012

Consider this a buffet of miscellaneous items for your Monday enjoyment. First up was yet more pulled pork leftovers, this time sliders made for dinner yesterday as a result of laziness and the presence of a package of fresh Hawaiian rolls.

IMG 2260

No grills were harmed in the making of these sliders, and a large portion of Hawaiian rolls and leftover pulled pork disappeared in a hurry. Not to mention half a jar of dill pickle relish, a couple of tomatoes, and several slices of Swiss cheese. And smaller amounts of sliced onion, dijon mustard, and some Jack Daniels Swineapple sauce. That’s right, I was cleaning out the pantry…

Next up is to give my readers a head’s up regarding Food Network’s Grill Mayor of 2012 contest.

Grill Mayor 2012 Contest

Here’s a chance to show off your grill skill and win some really cool prizes courtesy of Food Network and McCormick Grill Mates. The Grand Prize includes

  • A trip to New York City for the winner and a guest
  • 2 nights first-class hotel accomodations
  • $100 Food Network gift card
  • Food Network Grilling Cookbook
  • Omaha Steaks grilling kit
  • Assortment of Grill Mates products
  • Dinner for Grand Prize winner and one guest at a Food Network’s chef restaurant in New York City
  • Two VIP passes to a premiere New York City BBQ Festival
  • Tour of the Food Network kitchens in New York City

To enter, complete the online entry form at www.foodnetwork.com/grillmayor. The contest is open now and ends on July 31, 2012, so hurry up and get your submissions in before it’s too late. Submissions must include a tip or piece of advice for grilling (in less than 100 words) as well as a picture demonstrating this grilling tip. Entrants must be 21 years of age and older and legal residents of the United States. Full rules can be found on the site at the link above.  And don’t forget to visit the Grillerhood for tips, recipes, True Rules, and your social media grilling fix.

Last is a reminder that there are still two days to leave a comment on our Top Chop Pop post for a chance to win a cool prize package from the National Pork Board. Given the low number of comments so far, I’d say anyone who enters stands a good chance of winning that one.

Disclaimer: The Jack Daniels Swineapple sauce was a gift from Oldest Daughter following her return from a visit to Tennessee. The Food Network Grill Mayor announcement is a sponsored post by McCormicks Grill Mates, which means I won’t be competing against the rest of you in the contest, thus making your chances to win that much better. I already have one of the pork prize packages from the Pork Board, and really don’t understand why the entries are so low at this point given the nature of the prize package. Hopefully that isn’t a reflection on my writing, or that something happened to one of my three regular readers…

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