Some Like it Hot

by zydecopaws on July 16, 2012

Last night’s dinner conversation revolved around how we would describe different levels of food spiciness, prompted by what I would refer to as a pot of “quick chili” made from a combination of fresh, canned, and leftover ingredients cooked up in a Dutch oven on the BS Keg in less than an hour. And yes, there was both ground beef and leftover chopped pork in this batch.

IMG 2263

When it comes to chili, I don’t win any awards (mainly because I don’t enter any competitions), but the only complaints I ever receive is that it is often too much for those with tender palates. Which is no one in our household; we all burnt ours out years ago. Anyone who has been around here long enough should realize by now that cayenne pepper is a staple around our house and finds its way into all sorts of dishes.

IMG 2267

This batch was definitely NoBob level at the least, and certainly reached the point where Pigdog breaks out in a sweat just smelling it, but would still eat it with tears running down his face. My kids commented on it being a bit hot, so I’m going to assume it was up there on the scale. In spite of that, there was very little left for lunch today.

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