Dinner wasn’t a Complete Disaster

by zydecopaws on July 23, 2012

But it certainly wasn’t up to our normal standards. Sometimes that happens when you experiment, and around here, we eat our mistakes. This particular experiment involved the BS Keg, a Dutch oven, some pork shoulder blade steaks, and some rice. At least it looked pretty good when it was done…

IMG 2287

Unfortunately the technique of searing the pork, then sticking it in the Dutch oven to finish with the rice, beans, and veggies turned it into crock pot cuisine rather than grilled or properly slow-cooked barbecue. There is only so much you can do when boiling meat.

IMG 2292

At least the rice was tasty, which is a good thing as there is plenty left over for lunch tomorrow. And given Youngest Daughter’s response to this tonight, I’m guessing it’s up to me to finish it off on my own. If I had to do this over in the Dutch oven again, I’d add a LOT more spice, less liquid, and probably use a different cut of pork. Although given the choice, I’d stick with grilling those blade steaks.

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