Twice in one week

by zydecopaws on July 30, 2012

For the second time in one week we had a sub-standard meal. This one was due mostly to a timing mistake as the flavor was good, but the veggies were underdone. And the meat was a bit dry due to another experiment with cooking technique and a new Teflon® pan, courtesy of the nice folks at DuPont. I’ll be reviewing the pan in the near future, once I get a chance to use it for grilling.

IMG 2349

Normally I make chuck roast and veggies by smoking the roast to about 130-140°F range, then transferring the meat into a dutch oven with the veggies to finish off the cook. Since chuck roasts are generally on the tough side, I treat them like a brisket and cook them to a much higher internal temp. In fact, I don’t normally even measure the temp as they are usually ready to eat when the veggies are cooked thoroughly. For this cook I used an uncovered roasting pan and didn’t account for the veggies taking a lot longer to cook (especially at the lower temps on the WSM). But the gravy was excellent…

IMG 2356

As you can see, the meat was a bit on the dry side (in spite of the nice smoke ring). And the onions were cooked perfectly.

Too bad about those carrots and potatoes, though…

Disclaimer: The pan was sent to me for review by the Teflon® Brand folks from DuPont™. The issues with the cook were the cook’s fault, not the pan. Other than that, I paid full price for everything else abused during this meal. And the pan played well with metal utensils and cleaned up easily afterwards. It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools…

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