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by zydecopaws on August 19, 2012

First, some Friday night pre-lake-commute tri-tip and zucchini pictures taken in a hurry and without regard for proper photography techniques.

IMG 0454

Nothing like a Santa Maria style tri-tip with grilled zucchini and green salad. Good thing the meal was better than the photographs, especially those focused on the metal pan that holds the water for the basil plant…

IMG 0459

And then there was the discovery yesterday that the cool new combination Weber rib-roast rack doesn’t fit on the top shelf of an 18 1/2″ WSM. At least if you don’t want to get the lid on. For the record, it didn’t occur to me to try it on the lower shelf until after I transferred lit coals from the WSM to Bubba Ho-Keg. It barely fit there, but enough that I won’t feel the need to run out and upgrade the WSM to a larger one so I can use accessories. Apparently Weber doesn’t want you cooking ribs on their smaller WSMs. Either that, or the folks in the accessories design department aren’t given any smaller cookers to test with.

Didn’t stop me from cooking a nice batch of spares, cut up St. Louis style. Here’s what they looked like after about 3 hours on Bubba Ho-Keg, and right before foiling.

IMG 0464

The ribs were rubbed with a generous portion of Simply Marvelous Cherry prior to hitting the grill, then basted with a small amount of Rogue Dead Guy Ale when wrapped in the foil. They spent about another 45 minutes in foil, then were unwrapped and brushed with a combination of Big Butz No Butz and Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauces. They then finished on the grill for about another 30 minutes until they were ready to be transported to Pigdog’s house for dinner.

IMG 0471

The nice thing about Bubba Ho-Keg is that the extra rack works well for all the rib trimmings (the part you never see in comps).

IMG 0469

The downside was the top rack does fit well when the ribs first went on, and there were a few smaller trimmings that didn’t make it to the grill during the cook. Turns out that wasn’t a problem, as I threw them on after everything else was done and they cooked up real nice while we were off having dinner.

Made for a nice snack for Pigdog and I later in the evening. Sorry, no picture of the chef’s treats.

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