by zydecopaws on August 21, 2012

On Sunday we dined with Pigdog and family again. And since Saturday turned out so well with me cooking meat and Pigdog providing sides, we figured a repeat was in order. As was a large pork loin. Which begged for twice baked potatoes.

IMG 0476

As you can see, these were improved from the last batch by the addition of bacon. Lots of it. Thoughtfully provided by Pigdog, as much to my surprise the cupboard (or at least the freezer) was bare in our house. Naturally I discovered this after I returned from the store for other necessities. I suspect SWMBO and the Red-haired Boy ate it all when they were at the lake earlier this summer and didn’t bother to mention it. Trust me when I say restocking will occur on my next visit…

Pigdog also provided the pork loin. He’s getting smarter in his advanced years and has learned a trick or two from watching me buy the monster loins and carving them into smaller meals. And huge pork chops. But since Sunday was about repeats (certainly the TV schedule gave testament to this), the pork was cooked as a roast and given the maple glaze treatment. As Younger Daughter says, this was a “do-again” meal.

IMG 0481

Those aren’t grill marks or zebra stripes on that pork; the sun actually came out and I didn’t notice the top grill was shading the meat until well after pictures were taken. There aren’t any plated pictures after slicing and serving, but there were lots of happy folks sitting around the table after the meal. Especially a couple of teenage boys who had been eating a lot of soft foods due to the onset of new braces on their teeth.

Beat the heck out of soup…

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