NoMom Pizza

by zydecopaws on August 29, 2012

SWMBO wasn’t home for dinner tonight, and left to my own devices I generally cook things without regard to ingredients she doesn’t care for. Tonight was no exception, with NoMom Pizza on the BS Keg.

IMG 2428

The boss isn’t too fond of red onions, bell peppers, and fresh tomatoes (although she’ll eat the cherry tomatoes if they are smothered with enough bleu cheese dressing) so all three of those ingredients played a prominent role on the top of the pizza. As usual, the herb dough was fresh from TJ’s, and was topped with Big Butz BBQ sauce (a combination of Hot and No Butz), mozzarella cheese, a selection of three types of salami (sourced in a single package from Costlyco), mushrooms, fresh basil, and the aforementioned NoMom toppings. The end result turned out so well that it rivaled our signature pizza for “best of the evening”.

IMG 2421

The pulled pork (or in this case chopped pork), pineapple, and cashew pizza is a staple (and a favorite) around here. And almost didn’t make the menu as that was the last of the leftover pork in the freezer, and initially defied my attempts to locate it earlier in the afternoon.

I should go on the record as stating that this one would have been “Mom-approved”…

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