Jerk Chicken Salad

by zydecopaws on September 8, 2012

The other day I threatened to heat up the Jerk Sauce I received from Kilimanjaro Foods. Tonight I followed through with that threat and rubbed some chicken breasts with a fair amount of McCormick’s Cajun Seasoning Mix and cayenne pepper, through them on the BS Keg, and slathered them with the Jerk Sauce right before they finished cooking. A few more minutes on the grill, and I had some juicy looking chicken.

IMG 2445

Since we’re attempting to eat a bit healthier around here for the near future, the breasts were sliced and served up over a bed of the upscale salad mix from Costlyco and a mix of fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, and feta cheese. Oh, and lets not forget the bleu cheese vinaigrette that was drizzled on after this picture was taken.

IMG 2449

I was right in thinking the Jerk Sauce would be better if it were spiced up a bit, and although tonight’s meal wasn’t quite NoBob hot, it would have put a sheen of sweat on his brow and had him reaching for the milk to put out the fire.

But it wouldn’t have stopped him from eating it…

Disclaimer: As I mentioned earlier, the Jerk Sauce was provided for me in return for writing a blog post reviewing it. Since I completed that last night, tonight’s post is entirely uninfluenced by free sauces showing up in the mail. And although I was paid by McCormick for some posts I wrote during the summer, I’ve been using their Cajun Seasoning Mix for years. And paying full price for it. And will continue to do so. Unless one of their representatives is reading this and would like to send me some out of the goodness of their heart. As for you FCC types, go away and don’t bother me.

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