Weekend Bits and Pieces

by zydecopaws on September 16, 2012

It’s been a busy week and it didn’t slow down on the weekend. But at least there was time to cook. And in the spirit of bits and pieces, I bring you snippets of pizza, chicken, and various bits of other nonsense. We’ll start with bits and pieces of pineapple, cashews, and chopped pork on part of a pizza.

IMG 2475

Lest you think that was the only pizza, dispel that thought with the sight of a half moon of veggies on No Butz sauce over coals.

IMG 2481

And rather than show you the bits and pieces of chicken and corn that stuck to the grill, you get to gaze upon part of my meal tonight. Who knew that Big Butz Chicken Dust could be kicked up so much with cayenne pepper? (Hint: I did, that’s why it ended up on the chicken.)

IMG 2494

And congratulations are due to Younger Daughter who won her division in her first-ever individual bowling tournament. She will bask in the glow of this one until next month, when she finds out what happens when your tournament average bumps you up to the next level of competition and the field is even tougher.

And no, her bowling ball isn’t allowed on the grill to bake out the oil…

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