by zydecopaws on September 24, 2012

Meals should be easy on Mondays. And contain meat. This one also had sauce. That mess on the grill reminded me why I don’t do this very often…

IMG 2503

Looks like my next cook will be high-heat grilling, if for no other reason than to burn all that gunk off the grill. As for dinner, it was game hens rubbed with Big Butz Chicken Dust, then coated with a nice layer of Big Butz Hot BBQ Sauce. Part of which stuck to the grill, but most of which stayed on the hens.

IMG 2507

There were gas-producing sides to go with the hens; the beans weren’t the normal smoke beans as they had about half the normal ingredients and weren’t cooked under the game hens to catch the drippings. Didn’t stop them from being tasty, and I’m sure they’ll work well with that broccoli later this evening.

And when SWMBO reads this, I’m sure she’ll say I’m the one being saucy…

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