by zydecopaws on September 26, 2012

A lack of ingredients never stop us from making pizza. Especially when a visit has been made to the dentist recently and pizza dough is on hand.

Ok, that was a bit obscure; the dentists’ office is right around the corner from Trader Joe’s, which is a bit too far to go to by itself but always worth a visit if we’re in the neighborhood. If we are there (Trader Joe’s, not the dentist’s office) we generally pick up a couple of pizza doughs.

So tonight we find ourselves with two pizza doughs on hand and not a lick of mozzarella cheese in the house. But we had lots of other cheeses, so Mad Science Pizza night it was. The first was ham, swiss, and mushroom with dijon mustard sauce.

IMG 2516

It doesn’t get much easier than this. The dijon mustard “sauce” is simply dijon mustard, spread thin over the pizza dough. The swiss cheese started out life as slices which were then chopped into smaller slices and spread around over the mustard. The ham was the thin sliced deli ham from Costlyco, also sliced into smaller slices. The mushrooms were, well, sliced. All in all, this is a do-it-again pizza as everyone gave it a thumbs up (it lives!). I was advised by SWMBO that next time around I should use a stronger mustard, a piece of advice I might just take her up on.

Pizza number two was my take on a Mexican pizza. The sauce was a thin layer of refried beans, heated well and mixed with a fair amount of hot salsa (La Victoria Salsa Brava, which we refer to around here as “Mexican ketchup). The cheese was the last of the shredded Mexi-cheese blend from Costlyco, and it was topped with the last of the leftover chopped pork. Veggie toppings included sliced white onion, red peppers, and jalapeno peppers. It made for a colorful pizza that contained so many “objectionables” that SWMBO wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

IMG 2521

That didn’t stop me and the kids from eating it, and the results were surprisingly good. Surprising in that I wasn’t sure I could pull off a pizza with refried beans on it and get someone other than myself to like it.

Just another weeknight in the kitchen of Dr. FrankenPizza…

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