No Ms. Steak about it

by zydecopaws on October 10, 2012

Pigdog is tired of seeing pizza show up on the blog, so he provided some manly ribeye steaks for dinner last night at the lake. Who am I to complain?

IMG 2560

When I say these were manly, that steak took about 1/4 of Bubba Ho-Keg’s grill and was at least 2 inches thick when it went on the grill. Rather than take any chances, I treated the steaks (that’s right, there was one for each of us) much like a roast and used a reverse sear technique to cook them. The only seasoning on them was the last of the Cajun mix that Oldest Daughter procured for me last year from the Portland Saturday Market. And just to make sure we got our share of carbs with the meal, monster-sized russet potatoes were twice-baked and added to the plate.

IMG 2563

Just for the record, that plate is the full-sized dinner plate at the lake. As you can see, the salad had to be served on the side (as witness its absence from any pictures), and the other half of the tater will likely show up on tonight’s meal. And also for the record, that was the only leftover from my plate.

IMG 2567

Too bad the dog can’t come to the lake anymore (long story; short version is recurrences of coonhound paralysis aren’t any fun for anyone) as she would have had a field day with that bone. As for Pigdog, he took about 1/3 of his steak home and will likely have it for lunch today.

I’d call him a wimp if I hadn’t just come out of the meat coma myself…

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