Unclogging the Pipes

by zydecopaws on October 20, 2012

After one of the longest dry stretches in recorded history, the rain has returned. With a vengeance. Naturally, the drain pipes for the rain gutters were clogged with pine needles, leaves, and compost created over the summer and our rain gutters runneth over. After spending too much time standing in the hail and rain (and a slip-and-slide on the garage floor), the drain pipes were unclogged, but my sinuses weren’t as lucky. Dinner took care of that…

IMG 2587

It’s amazing how you can clean out your pipes with a stir fry that contains plenty of ginger and Sriracha sauce. Especially when you get it steaming and hot right out of the wok.

IMG 2591

SWMBO wasn’t impressed with the onions and peppers in this batch, but after picking them out declared the rest of the meal to be, well, very spicy. Something about her lips being on fire. Maybe next time I should back off a bit on the rooster sauce.

But my sinuses are nice and clear now…

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