by zydecopaws on October 27, 2012

It was brought to my attention recently that this month is National Pork Month. That’s right, it’s Porktober. So out came some pork tenderloins to celebrate the occasion.

IMG 2600

It had been awhile since I’ve stuffed anything (yeah, I know, sounds like a personal problem) so out came the cream cheese, red onions, and dried fruit. After butterflying the tenderloins, they were beaten well with a pan to flatten them out, loaded up with the fillings, then rolled and trussed for the grill. A fair sprinkling of Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple, about 45 minutes on the grill, and they were ready for slicing into pinwheels.

IMG 2603

Once again, if judge the results by the amount of leftovers then these must have been very good as there aren’t any left in the refrigerator for lunch today.

I gotta learn to hide this stuff better…

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