by zydecopaws on November 10, 2012

Mmmmadness is putting a 19-plus pound monster chuck roll on the WSM at 12:30 in the afternoon and expecting it to be done and ready for transport by 5:45 in the evening. Mmmmadness is about pulling it off (although it had to be sliced instead of pulled, which was the original intention. Mmmmadness is a description of the process used to get this one done. Start with the chuck roll and dust it thoroughly with Simply Marvelous Season All. Throw it on the WSM on the top rack with the vents wide open and no water in the water pan. After a couple of hours, throw some smoker beans on the lower rack. An hour or so later, take a picture.

IMG 2622

Realize that the original plan for pulled beef is never going to fly, and go find a roasting pan big enough to hold this monster and still fit on the WSM. Put the beef in the pan, pour on some red wine, Worcestershire sauce, and top with some generic (SBR) BBQ sauce. Cover with foil, remove the water pan from the WSM, and put the roasting pan on the lower rack directly above the coals. Cover the beans and put them back on the top rack, hoping that there are enough drippings already in them. Cook until 5:30, which is not only the time you need to start slicing, but also when the internal temperature has reached 145°F in the thickest part of the meat.

IMG 2625

Carve off a hunk and slice thin. Pour on some of the juice, load it in the car, and go make sliced beef sandwiches (sesame buns, a bit of Big Butz Hot BBQ sauce on the bottom bun, a couple of inches of beef, and a nice topping of fresh cole slaw). Eat and enjoy the mmmmadness. Take crappy pictures of the plate with your phone and decide they should never see the light of day. Play cards, then come home at midnight to finish dealing with the rest of the roast. Sheer mmmmadness. And very tasty mmmmadness, I might add.

But most of all, mmmmadness is posting about it 1:30 in the morning. I really should be in bed…

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