Getting Closer

by zydecopaws on December 13, 2012

A lot of things are getting closer. Christmas and New Year’s Day. Holiday parties. Winter Break and a houseful of kids. Something approaching what a lot of folks would call a “real BBQ” post on this blog. And I swear there was a pot roast somewhere under all those veggies…

IMG 2660

Not only that, the roast spent time over the coals before finishing the cooking process in the dutch oven. Enough to brown it nicely and seal in a lot of juices, but not as long as I normally smoke them for due to a late start on cooking dinner. But long enough to turn the finished product into a plate of comfort food.

IMG 2669

For those interested in the details, the roast was dusted with Simply Marvelous Season All before spending about 30 minutes over direct coals, then put in the dutch oven over a bed of sliced mushrooms. Carrots, celery, taters, and chopped mushrooms were piled over the roast (see picture above). Red wine, soy and Worcestershire sauce were added to the mix, as was a light dusting of thyme and black pepper. 90 minutes later the veggies were done and dinner was served. About 10 minutes later nothing was left but the pictures.

And MOINK is just around the horizon. Who knows, I might even cook up some pig candy for the holiday party on Saturday. If these don’t count as “real BBQ” then I guess I’ll just have to thaw out a couple of pork butts next week…

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