How To Ruin Taters

by zydecopaws on December 24, 2012

Want to ruin some roasted taters? Put them on a grill over a bacon-wrapped stuffed pork loin. Like this one.

IMG 2709

It turns out the smoke from bacon drippings is pretty bitter, and that roasted potatoes absorb most of that as “flavor”. Fortunately the pork loin didn’t suffer from that problem, although it did take longer than normal to cook since it wasn’t completely thawed when I put it on the grill.

IMG 2711

The pork was stuffed with cream cheese, chopped onions, and dried apricots, blueberries, and cranberries. And although the taters looked good, take it from me, they didn’t taste very good.

IMG 2714

In the future I will limit items cooked with bacon-wrapped things to beans, or at least make sure I have a water pan under the bacon. Lesson learned…

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