Break’s Over

by zydecopaws on February 3, 2013

I took a couple of weeks away from cooking to attend to other matters. Important matters like watching Younger Daughter and her high school bowling team repeat as both District and State 4A champions (Go Tigers!). There was other stuff as well, and I figured I deserved a break.

But since today was Super Bowl Sunday, cooking was an imperative. And even though I was a bit out of practice, I managed to fill up the Mothership with a boat-load of appetizers.

IMG 2746

It’s clear I was out of practice, especially when it came time to take pictures of the offerings. Those chicken wings were coated with Asian NoBob sauce but somehow never managed to get in front of the camera after they were finished. And since I took all the food over to Pigdog’s house, they are certainly finished now…

The MOINK also didn’t make it into a finished photo after they were sauced with raspberry pepper jelly. They were (as usual) a big hit at the party, and what few remained at the end of the evening were headed for Pigdog’s refrigerator. Teenagers were hovering over the pan on the way, so it wouldn’t surprise me if none of them actually got put away.

The big hit of the party was my take on something Chris from Nibble Me This calls Sea Turtle Eggs. We don’t have any Sea Turtles around here, and since I took some liberties with his recipe, I renamed this batch as Pigdog Pellets.

IMG 2748

I followed the same process as Chris, but used a very sharp cheddar cheese instead of colby jack, added some minced onions, and used diced serrano peppers instead of jalapeño peppers. I also used a liberal coating of Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy rub instead of the Draper’s. And when I ran out of room on the tray, I used the rest of the sausage and cheese mix to make up a fatty.

IMG 2750

For some reason the fatty didn’t make the trip with the rest of us to Pigdog’s house. Might have something to do with me wanting it for breakfast tomorrow. It also might be why I was feeling generous and left the few remaining leftovers with Pigdog. Now all I have to do is clean up the grills and get back into the swing of things.

Who knows, I might even go back to posting more often around here…

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