Almost Meatless Monday

by zydecopaws on February 4, 2013

We don’t do Meatless Monday, and tonight was about as close as we ever get to it. On the grill was tilapia with a basil-sweet chili sauce topping and a zucchini experiment.

IMG 2753

The fish turned out pretty good according to those whose fish was completely cooked. I really should have returned a couple of pieces to the grill for another 2 or 3 minutes, but sometimes when you are hungry you eat rare (and chewy) fish.

IMG 2757

The zucchini experiment was patterned after another idea stolen from Nibble Me This. Hopefully Chris won’t make me pay royalties to keep copying his stuff, especially when it doesn’t turn out as nice as his. Turns out no one in the family besides me cares for zucchini with vinaigrette. And he is absolutely correct in saying that these get cold in a hurry. What he didn’t mention is that they also lose their flavor when they get cold; if you do these, eat them as soon as they come off the grill.

In spite of all the mishaps, the family is all fed and no one complained too loudly. I think they’re happy that I’m cooking again…

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