Link Love: BBQ Addicts

by zydecopaws on March 16, 2009

It’s been a goal of mine since I started this blog to link to other BBQ sites that I find noteworthy (for whatever reason).  In looking back at all my posts, I haven’t done a good job of that, so with this post I will attempt to begin to rectify this oversight.  I figure if I do this enough I might even get some links back in return…

First on the list of BBQ blogs you really should check out is BBQ Addicts, home to fellow BBQ-Brethren (more about them later), and previously mentioned here (most notably) for the Bacon Explosion.  You’ll find a lot of recipes, BBQ instruction, and plenty o’ bacon (seems to be a favorite food over there).  They recognize a vegetable when they see it, and actually know what to do with them on a grill.  They occasionally have giveaways, so if you like free stuff you might want to check them out.  Their site is a tad more commercial than this one, but not to overdone with marketing and a good source for BBQ supplies such as grills, utensils, accessories, and Plowboys rub.  They actively post, the most recent being a timely post about using corned beef to make smoked pastrami.  Might come in handy as I’m guessing the supermarkets will be having clearance sales on any leftover corned beef after tomorrow…

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