Frying Fish on the Grill

by zydecopaws on March 8, 2013

Another Friday night in Lent, and another fish challenge. SWMBO and Auntie keep coming back from the fish store with obscure fish and expect me to whip up something different for dinner. Today they brought back some Alaskan rockfish. Raise your hands if you’ve heard of this fish. Keep them up if you’ve ever fixed it. Keep them up if you’ve grilled it. If you still have your hand up, drop me a note in the comments as to how they turned out, as you are certainly in the minority based on some earlier search results.

Most of my research suggested frying, baking, or poaching this fish. Blackening it Cajun style was out of the question due to sensitive palates (Auntie), and there was no way SWMBO would eat a fish stew. Fish tacos are pretty normal around here, so they were out as I was looking for something different. As a result, Sweet and Sour Rockfish was on the menu.

IMG 2818

As is typical with stir fry (especially when using the wok to deep fry the fish) there was a lot of put-stuff-in, take-stuff-out, repeat over and over and none of the pictures of the process were worthy of sharing. I leveraged a recipe found at Blog, and actually followed most of it. About the only changes were the use of rockfish instead of their suggestions, the addition of some sliced carrot to the veggies, the juice from a Meyer lemon instead of orange juice, and some additional pineapple juice.

The results were pretty darn good. I will likely do this again in the future, but will add more cayenne to the batter and cook the fish just a tad longer to get a crispier coating. I will also add the onions, peppers, and carrots into the sauce while still in the wok rather than mixing at the table.

Wish me luck next Friday, as there is no telling what they will bring back from the fish market. I might just have to offend some sensitive palates…

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