Another Tradition

by zydecopaws on March 24, 2013

At some point I end up making fish tacos on a Friday every year during Lent. It has something to do with pressure from the household Catholics looking to avoid doing time on a meat rap and a lack of imagination and/or energy on my part to come up with yet another way to cook fish.

This year was no exception.

IMG 2844

At least this year I managed to hold out for five weeks before succumbing to the pressure. The fish was mahi-mahi filets, dusted with a heavy dose of Cajun seasoning mix and grilled on the BS Keg with some chunks of maple thrown on the charcoal. Topped with the usual fixings and a sauce made from sour cream, lemon juice, chipotle-flavored Tabasco, and some garlic Cholula, these were well received by the faithful.

Now I have a few more days to figure out what to cook for Good Friday. As the resident heathen, my idea of a good Friday is one where a nice ribeye steak is on the menu, but somehow I don’t think the concept of transubstantiation would work here, even with a liberal sprinkling of BBQ sauce.

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