No Peeking Duck

by zydecopaws on March 26, 2013

There is an old adage in the BBQ world that goes “if you’re looking you ain’t cooking”. This was something I had to reinforce with Younger Daughter last night while cooking a duck on the BS Keg. I kept telling her “no peeking, duck” when she asked to see what was on the grill. Unfortunately the pun was wasted on her; makes you wonder what they teach these kids in school these days.

IMG 2858

It wasn’t Peking Duck, but it was pretty tasty, especially after covering it with a tweaked Honey Ginger Sauce recipe found while cruising the Interwebs. Tweaked in that I have a real problem with measuring and following directions. The batch I made was done with ballpark estimates, but at least I used all the ingredients listed.

IMG 2869

This was my first attempt at cooking duck and dealing with the fat content was a bit of a challenge. Next time I do this I’ll smoke it at a lower temperature (225°F rather than 325°F) for a longer period of time, poke more holes in it to drain the fat, and transfer it to a hot grill to crisp up the skin a bit more.

But the no peeking rule will still apply.

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