by zydecopaws on April 8, 2013

A wise person once told me that in life, unlike in school, the tests come first, and then the lessons. Assuming you actually learn them. Last week I tested myself by attempting to turn Duck a l’Orange into Turkey a l’Orange. And learned a bunch of lessons.

First off, when cooking a pre-packaged turkey breast, remove the hair net that holds it together before seasoning it and throwing it on the grill. Or in my case, in a casserole dish on Bubba Ho-Keg. Unless you really want to lose all the flavor and crust when you remove it before slicing…

IMG 0080

Next lesson learned was to make sure your thumb isn’t covering part of the iPhone camera lens when taking pictures. But even more important is to run away from all those l’Orange sauce recipes on the Interwebs that suggest using chicken broth as one of the ingredients. Trust me, there are a lot. Also trust me, and don’t use them if you want a sauce that tastes like oranges, not chicken soup with Tang.

IMG 0084

Last lesson? Don’t use the leftover green bean casserole from Easter as a side dish with this. It simply doesn’t pair well.

In spite of all the lessons learned, we enjoyed this meal. At least I remembered the rule about throwing out the gravy mix that is packaged with the turkey breast…

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